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Did you know that your monetary donations to Florence Crittenton may be eligible for two Arizona tax credits in the same year?

Donate :: Tax Credits

arizona tax credits

Florence Crittenton qualifies for the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit and the Public School Tax Credit

In Arizona, there are more than 19,000 foster children* needing Safety for today, Hope for the future, and the Opportunity to build the life of their dreams.

You can give to Florence Crittenton and get it all back through Arizona Tax Credits...
it won’t cost you a cent!

Donate Now

*Statistics from Arizonans for Children, Inc. (2015).

How Can I Help?



How? Under special programs set up by the State of Arizona, you can give to Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona and get it all back! In fact, Florence Crittenton has two separate Tax Credit programs, and you can give to both programs and reduce the amount you owe the state... dollar-for-dollar. And, you don’t have to itemize on your Arizona taxes to qualify!

Under the Foster Care Tax Credit Program, you can contribute up to $1,000 (married filing jointly) and $500 for individuals. Your gift will help provide safety, shelter and supportive services to 1,000 girls annually.

2. Under the Public School Tax Credit Program for the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona, you can contribute up to $400 (married filing jointly) and $200 for individuals. Your School Tax Credit gift will help to provide extracurricular sports and enrichment opportunities to 150 girls.

The two Tax Credits are separate, so you can give to both programs and reduce what you owe the state... dollar-for-dollar.

Safety for Today

“I didn’t know how it felt to feel safe until I lived at Florence Crittenton in the Therapeutic Group Home. They provided me with everything I needed—my own therapist, medical care, school, food, clothing, a bed and lots of care from the staff. Thank you Florence Crittenton.”

Hope for the Future
“While it hasn’t been easy, I have started to overcome the things that have happened to me in the past. I am beginning
to believe in myself and that I can have a better future for myself and for my baby.”

Opportunity to Build their Life of their Dreams

“I’ll be the first girl in my family to go to college and am grateful for the GLAAZ staff for doing all they can to help my dream become a reality. My family would be unable to afford any of the extra opportunities I’m receiving by going to this amazing school!"

There Is No Downside.

  • First, as an Arizona taxpayer, you get to choose a charity that you hold dear to your heart to support with your Tax Credit gifts.
  • Second, your Tax Credit gifts to Florence Crittenton are also deductible on your Federal tax return, reducing your Federal tax liability.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, your gifts makes it possible for girls like Angie to be safe, to have hope and to have opportunity...

Donate Now

Donations for the Tax Credits must be received by December 31.
Please consider sending both donations today.

.Please consult with your tax advisor for specific tax questions. For more information regarding Arizona Tax Credits, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue.

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